Update “Por Po” dies after injecting Pfizer needles 3 NHSO aims to heal 4 hundred thousand

Today (12 Jan. 65) from the case of issues that are being shared a lot. After social media people mourn “Doctor Po” or Pol.D.A. Kansuda Wichaisuek 25 years old, applied Thai traditional medicine future female doctor mysterious death

where family and close friends Dr. Po Revealed earlier that he was a person who was always in good health. While there is one interesting information that on December 7, 2021, she herself pfizer vaccination The 3rd dose, after that, I have symptoms on December 17, I don’t know if it’s related or not.

Nong Po’s father stated that the doctor’s opinion of the death indeath certificate “Sick with a fever for unknown reasons. and enlarged or inflamed lymph nodes throughout the body.” which has not yet identified a clear cause of death and not infected with the COVID-19 virus, but how?

Previously, the userFacebook Nueng Prasert Sukcharoen which isDoctor’s friend and the owner of Dr. Prasert, an applied Thai traditional medicine clinic. in Chanthaburi Province Has posted a condolence to the passing of Dr. Por on January 7, 2022 at 18:53, stating that “Many people ask what happened to Dr. Po.” with a timeline Sickness of Dr. Por. / 17 Dec. 64 Po has fever and chills. 38 Takes medicine and stays at a fluttering house.
/ 18-21 Dec. 19, stay at home, check ATK all the time, negative result, but high fever at night almost 40
/ 21 Dec. ’64 took me for a covid test, RT PCR, lab test, took blood to find the cause, found no disease, did not find the cause of the symptoms
/ 23 Dec. ’64 High fever 38-39 at 2am, so I took him to admin at Phra Pok Klao Hospital, Chanthaburi.
/ 23-27 Dec. 64 Admin with a high fever 38 all the time. Taking medicine, reduced. Got blood drawn until crying. Still haven’t found the cause of the disease. Complaining only, wanting to come out, uncomfortable in the hospital
/ 28-29 Dec. 64 Fever starts to reduce, I want to go back to recuperate in Ratchaburi. Dad came back
/ 30-3 Jan. 65 recuperating at Ratchaburi house
/ 4 Jan. 65 Po typed and said that he had a fever, a drop in blood pressure, Admit Ratchaburi Hospital, the po’s getting worse.
/ 5 Jan. 65 Po is completely silent. / 6 Jan. 65 I heard the news from my father that Po has cardiac arrest. pumps the heart several times But it comes back every round But the doctor said that the brain is lacking blood. body unresponsive stay by machine
/ 7 Jan. 65 Po no further response. In the afternoon he passed away peacefully.

where Dr Prasert also stated that “Before, he was always strong. There is only one factor. On December 7, 64, he went for the 3rd dose of pfizer vaccination. But doctors have yet to determine the exact cause of death. not infected with any other virus #Doctor Kan Sudawichaisuek #Last chat we talked to #Doctor Po #Love and miss you always #You’re great #Relax #Sleep well.


After the story was published, many friends and netizens came to express their condolences. as well as commenting a lot and noted the death Probably related to booster vaccination needle 3

Most recently, at 8:30 p.m. (11 Jan. 65), the news team traveled to the house of Dr. Po or PD Kansuda Wichaisuk at home in Wang Yen Subdistrict, Bang Phae District, Ratchaburi Province to meet Mr. Suraphon Wichaisuek which isDr. Po’s father opened up to the news team that Even now I still feel sorry. Everything is stuck in his chest. Doctor Po is his only daughter. and is a good child, smart, capable, and is also a diligent person with a distant future He loved this daughter very much. Contact and talk to each other every day and almost all day. Even if the child goes to work in Chanthaburi And in the past Dr Por never disappoints him, never misbehaves, goes out of his way, which the two of us, father and son have always been together. The mother of Nong Po recently passed away in 2014.

Dr Por’s father continued that before Dr Por died, there were no omens. or any bad omen, because The last time he talked to his daughter was on January 4, 64 after moving Dr Por. to be treated at Ratchaburi Hospital and treated according to the doctor’s opinion At 4:56 p.m., he wrote a message to talk to each other via Line saying, “Dad has arrived home. The doctor prescribed an injection for Po 4 Vial.” Along with sending a picture of the brand of the drug, Nong Po replied that “The same medicine as the one that the doctor prescribed by King Prajadhipok.”

Later, at 5:38 p.m., he typed and talked to Nong Po, saying, “Po is on the 9th floor, Female Internal Medicine 1, 75 years old building,” to which Nong Po replied that the doctor will do a ct scan of the lungs and abdomen.” “Then I will send a lymph surgeon to check the lymph nodes.” He replied, “OK” and “I wish you a speedy recovery” at 5:41 p.m., which were the last two messages and lost contact from “Nong Po. His only daughter Which was not expected to be the last time to talk to her daughter before leaving, never to return…

Mr. Suraphon, Dr. Po’s father, told with tears that After losing contact, at around 5 p.m., the doctor at the hospital called to inform me that Nong Po had a seizure and at 01.00 am on 5 January 65, the doctor called to inform me that The baby’s heart stopped beating. I had to pump my heart until my heart started beating again. until morning He called in to ask the doctor about his symptoms. How is Nong Po? To which the doctor replied that “Nong Po’s condition is not responding” and asked him to go to the hospital to talk about Dr. Po’s condition. The doctor said “Last night, the doctor stopped beating and pumped the heart,” which he thought the doctor probably pumped the heart slower than the standard. causing the blood to flow to the brain in time until the brain is deprived of oxygen and blood, until the brain is dead.

And what I was most fascinated with was every time I talked to the doctor that my daughter had gone.The booster vaccine has been vaccinated with 3 needles. But the doctor tried not to mention any vaccination-related symptoms at all. which he said that before vaccinating Nong Por no symptoms at all not sick But after vaccination, I have always been sick. He was skeptical about the vaccine but he didn’t have any evidence to confirm.

side Mrs. Sukanya Wongsiri, National Health Security Scheme 5 Came to talk to Mr. Suraphon, Dr. Por’s father, along with giving information about the rights that should be received after being affected by the vaccination. In the case of Dr. Po or D.D.C. Kansuda Wichaisuek, 25 years old, applied Thai traditional medicine that from the case of Dr. Po For health insurance, we have taken the matter of receiving requests and supporting documents. Regarding the vaccination of Dr. Po and a meeting of the sub-committee to consider cases affected by vaccination of the National Health Security Office, Region 5, Ratchaburi

We will have a meeting every Tuesday. In the case of Dr. Por at Ratchaburi Hospital Together with the National Health Security Office Area 5, Ratchaburi and the National Health Security Office (NHSO), Rayong Province, we have coordinated with and the director of both districts, we have received the matter, which In fact, Dr Por vaccinated at Rayong Province, according to Doctor Po’s regulations, had to submit the matter. National Health Security Office (NHSO), Rayong, but we have coordinated in both areas and the National Health Security Office, District 5, Ratchaburi has coordinated with the law office that Dr. Po’s father in Ratchaburi Can the subcommittee of Ratchaburi be able to consider the case? which today had a meeting and concluded We will take the case of Dr. Por to consider in Ratchaburi. which will meet on Tuesday, January 18, 2022

then the way NHSO District 5 Ratchaburi will join with Ratchaburi Hospital will coordinate the matter of documents with the father of Nong Por As for the rights that Nong Po’s family will receive in compensation in the event of death from vaccination Subcommittee we will consider Pay compensation in the amount of 400,000 baht.

However, if the documents are complete and the father has signed the documents And brought to the meeting in the industry on January 18, 2022, then the money will be transferred by Friday, January 21, 2022 as well.

Photo credit: Nueng Prasert Sukcharoen Facebook page cr.



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