Update the new additional benefits of the Gold Card Fund, Financial Year 2023

Additional health promotion and disease prevention services in 2023

1. Hepatitis B virus (HBe Ag) test in pregnant women

2. Thalassemia screening service in the husband or partner of every pregnant woman.

3. Screening services for syphilis in the husband or partner of all pregnant women.

4. Stop smoking helpline and mental health helpline service

5. Screening services for risk factors for cardiovascular disease

6. Cancer and oral cancer screening services

7. Screening services for patients with metabolic genetic diseases using Tandem mass spectrometry (TMS) for newborns.

8. Screening and screening for tuberculosis in high risk groups

9. BRCA1/BRCA2 gene testing service for high risk breast cancer patients and their immediate relatives with a family history A mutated gene has been detected.

Ask for more details at

1. NHSO helpline 1330

2. Online channels

• NHSO line, type Line ID @nhso or click https://lin.ee/zzn3pU6

• Facebook : National Health Security Office https://www.facebook.com/NHSO.Thailand

Source: National Health Security Office

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