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Part ofiOS16By the user, after updatingThe battery drains fasteris reported. again,Searching in Spotlight is very slowThere seems to be an opinion too.

Did the battery runtime become significantly shorter?

On the US media MacRumors forum, Reddit, Twitter, etc.iOS16after updating toBattery life is noticeably worseThere are multiple reports that he has.

Some people complain to Apple Support about their condition.

After upgrading to iOS16, the battery performance has obviously deteriorated. More and more people are reporting such problems.

Some people say that the battery life has improved after updating to iOS 16, so it seems that it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Some say Spotlight searches are slow

Before iOS15.6SpotlightsAlthough I was able to search immediately, something was shown during the search after updating to iOS 15.6Now it takes more than 5 seconds, There is also an opinion. It seems that the user was hoping that iOS 16 would solve the problem, but it was just as slow after the update.

The user deleted everything and even tried restoring from an iCloud backup, but that didn’t help.

Regarding this bug, several users have reported that resetting all locations significantly improved Spotlight search performance, but Apple has not announced an official fix or bug fix.

Update to come next week

Apple is expected to release iOS 16.0.2 (tentative name) next week, and the previously reported camera shake issue and the prompt that appears every time you copy and paste are expected to be resolved.

Source: MacRumors

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