Upper Thailand is cool. The top of the mountain is the coldest 2 degrees in Bangkok, the lowest temperature is 17 degrees, under 20-40% thunderstorms.

The Meteorological Department reveals the weather today, January 30, in upper Thailand, cold. The top of the mountain is the coldest 2 degrees Celsius, while in Bangkok this morning the lowest temperature is 17 degrees Celsius, and the southern part has some heavy rain.

Today (30 January), the Meteorological Department predicts the weather forecast for the next 24 hours An intense high pressure area or cold air mass covers Thailand and the South China Sea. Cause Thailand to have cold weather with strong winds Ask people in Thailand to take care of their health because of the cold weather. Including being careful of fire hazards that can occur due to dry weather and strong winds.

For the strong northeast monsoon prevails over the Gulf of Thailand, the South and the Andaman Sea. Causing the lower southern region to experience heavy rain in some places Ask people in the lower southern region to be careful of the danger of heavy rain and cumulative rain. Gulf of Thailand and Andaman Sea wind waves are strong. The waves are 2-4 meters high in the Gulf of Thailand, more than 4 meters in stormy areas, and 1-2 meters in the Andaman Sea, about 2 meters from the waves hitting the shore Regarding sailors in the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea, should sail with caution and avoid sailing in thunderstorms. Small boats in the Gulf of Thailand should remain ashore during this period.

Weather forecast for Thailand between 6:00 am today and 6:00 am tomorrow.

Northern Part Cold to cold with mist in the morning. Minimum temperature 11-17 degrees Celsius Maximum temperature 27-30 degrees Celsius Cold to very cold on mountain tops. with some frost Minimum temperature 2-9 degrees Celsius East winds 10-20 km/hour.
Northeast Cold and windy Minimum temperature 7-13 ° C. Maximum temperature 24-27 ° C. The top of the mountain is cold to very cold. Minimum temperature 5-10 degrees Celsius There is a northeasterly wind 15-35 km/hour.

Mid cool to cold weather region. Minimum temperature 15-18 degrees Celsius, maximum temperature 28-29 degrees Celsius, northeast winds 10-25 km/hour.
Eastern Part Cold to cold weather with strong wind. Minimum temperature 15-21 degrees Celsius, maximum temperature 29-32 degrees Celsius, north-easterly winds 15-35 km/hour Wave height 1-2 meters and about 2 meters at sea.

Southern Part (East Coast) Upper part: cold in the morning Lower part: thundery showers in 40 per cent of the area and isolated heavy rain. in the provinces of Songkhla, Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat, minimum temperature 19-24 degrees Celsius, maximum temperature 28-30 degrees Celsius, north-easterly winds 20-45 km/h Wave height 2-4 meters and high waves in showery areas more than 4 meters

Southern region (west coast) with 20 percent of thunderstorms in most areas in Trang and Satun provinces, minimum temperature 24-25 degrees Celsius, maximum temperature 30-32 degrees Celsius, northeast winds 20 -35 km/hour There are waves 1-2 meters high and about 2 meters at sea.

Bangkok and its surroundings are cool with strong winds. Minimum temperature 17-19 degrees Celsius, maximum temperature 28-32 degrees Celsius, northeast winds 10-30 km / h.

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