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‘Urban Fisherman 3’ Kim Jun-hyun, 1st place in the individual competition with a height of 34 cm… Both teams caught a whopping 464 fish.

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Top Daily Reporter Seo Sang-hyeon = Urban fishermen smiled broadly at the first boom in a long time.

In the 13th episode of ‘Only Trust Me, Follow Me, Urban Fisherman Season 3’ (hereinafter ‘Urban Fisherman 3’), which was broadcast on the 29th, it was interesting to see urban fishermen having a fishing competition in Tongyeong, Gyeongnam with Mo Tae-beom, Kim Yo-han, and Bora. .

On the day of the team match, the fishing was divided into the ‘Devils and Children’ team of Lee Deok-hwa, Lee Kyung-gyu, Lee Su-geun, and Kim Jun-hyun, and the ‘Taegon and Children’ team of Lee Tae-gon, Mo Tae-beom, Kim Yo-han, and Bora due to Lee Tae-gon’s defeat. It gave a powerful laugh.

The ‘Taegon and Children’ team was given a benefit of 1 kg, and as a result of a heated competition, the ‘Devils and Children’ team hauled a total weight of 64.46 kg and became the final winner. The total number of fish caught by both teams on that day was a whopping 464, weighing over 116 kg.

Lee Deok-hwa, who had the fourth Super Badge, praised ‘Follow Me’ Lee Su-geun and said, “Weather scored 100 points, meat 150 points, and atmosphere 200 points. It’s the first time since Wangpo,” he said with a thumbs up. Lee Su-geun said, “It feels so good because everyone seems to have been fishing (happy fishing). It was a happy fishing that will remain in my memory regardless of victory or defeat.”

In the individual exhibition, which was covered with the largest language over 30 cm, Kim Jun-hyun took first place with a record of 34 cm. Kim Jun-hyeon, who won two golden badges, said, “I was very happy that it led to victory. I will deliver big meat and a fun taste to you.”

On this day, everyone, from veteran Lee Deok-hwa to Bora, who was the first fishing challenge, received a bite and enjoyed the joy of full boats in a long time. In particular, Lee Tae-gon, who took on a heavy responsibility as a team with the guests, was impressed by Lee Deok-hwa with all his might to the extent that he heard a review saying, ‘I can’t even breathe and catch it’.

As it was full, at the dinner party, a feast of various foods from sushi to tempura, sashimi, and stir-fry unfolded, stimulating the salivary glands of viewers. Here, thanksgiving and sagas continued, adding to the pleasure of providing endless laughter and pleasant chemistry.

At the end of the broadcast, next week’s ‘Follow Me’ Kim Ha-young appeared and drew attention. Actress Kim Ha-young, famous for her ‘surprise girl’, splendidly decorated the end of 2020 by catching a miraculous golden trout in the ‘Urban Fisherman’ trout fishing competition.

Kim Ha-young said, “When I came to the survey, even though it was raining, the meat came out. Trust me and follow me to catch freshwater fish, a summer food,” and exploded the unusual tension, raising expectations for next week’s broadcast.

For flounder fishing, only the largest fish over 68 cm will win. To this, Kyung-gyu Lee said, “When did you say you were close? It’s a group game. Separated,” he said, and Mo Tae-beom heightened his fortune by exposing his passionate determination to win, saying, “It will be a muddy fight.”

Attention is paid to what kind of match the ‘fishing novice’ Mo Tae-beom, Kim Yo-han, and Bora will face in the individual match, and the trout fishing competition.

Channel A’s entertainment program ‘Only Trust Me, City Fisherman Season 3’ is broadcast every Thursday at 10:30 pm.

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