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‘Urban Fisherman 3’ Lee Tae-gon got his super badge… ‘King Taegon’ – Star Today

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‘Urban Fisherman 3’ Lee Tae-gon regained his Super Badge in Wando, the Promised Land.

In the 24th episode of Channel A’s entertainment program ‘Only Trust Me, Follow Me, Urban Fisherman Season 3’ (hereafter ‘Urban Fisherman 3’) broadcast on the 28th, basketball president Heo Jae and baseball world class Kim Byung-hyun scrambled as guests, while fishing for red snapper in Wando, Jeollanam-do. A fight was depicted.

In this fishing, Tae-gon Lee achieved the first place with a total weight of 940 g of red sea bream, and had the honor of regaining the ‘super badge’ again. Tae-gon Lee said, “I will make 20 badges before the end of this year.”

On the other hand, Lee Kyung-gyu returned the badge because he could not catch the only target fish species, red snapper, and was frustrated by shouting, “Why me, why!” When Lee Kyung-gyu returns the golden badge, the makeup bet he put forward with Lee Su-geun in the past is talked about again, and attention is paid to their fierce fishing battle that will unfold in the future.

Meanwhile, Captain Hwang, who was proud of being able to catch more than 30 red sea bream, was greeted with a modest result of ’11 red sea bream’. Captain Hwang, who had a special rule on that day, ‘Obtain a badge when catching 30 or more red sea bream, return the badge if less than 30’, returned one of the only golden badges he had and fell to his knees.

At the dinner that day, when Lee Kyung-gyu blamed the captain for not having meat, Captain Hwang said, “I was disappointed when I saw it in the cabin.

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Fishing isn’t increasing and it’s the same.” Also, Kyung-gyu Lee said, “I couldn’t catch red sea bream because there were no earthworms. Do something that never happened!” Heo Jae responded, “Brother, I caught three,” and humiliated Lee Kyung-gyu.

Next week’s broadcast will be the second day of the Wando fishing competition. Whether urban fishermen will be able to meet a happy ending in yellowtail and bush fishing, the exciting confrontation ends on the Channel A entertainment program ‘Only Trust Me, Follow Me, Urban Fisherman Season 3’, which will be broadcast at 10:30 pm on Thursday, November 4th. is disclosed in

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