urgent! CAP knocks up prices “Diesel oil” 1 baht per liter effective tomorrow

The Board of Directors resolved to increase the price. “Diesel oil” 1 baht per liter is 32.94 baht per liter, effective from May 31, 65 onwards.

Today (30 May 65) Mr. Wisak Wattanasap, director of the Office of the Fuel Fund, revealed that at the meeting of the Oil Fund Management Committee There was a resolution to raise the price of diesel water by 1 baht per liter, resulting in the diesel retail price adjusted from 31.94 baht per liter to 32.94 baht per liter, effective from May 31, 65 onwards.

because during the past week The price of fuel in the world market continues to fluctuate. Diesel prices (Gas Oil) stood at 149.49 USD/barrel (27 May), from about 138 USD/barrel the week before. The price increase is the result of a number of factors. both the opening of the country of China Russia’s oil sanctions As well as US crude oil inventories declined and the valuation of crude oil prices during the next week remained high if no significant factors occurred.

For measures to help with the price of diesel, the Cabinet (Cabinet) passed a resolution on March 22, 65 regarding measures to reduce people’s cost of living. The government will help the part that the diesel price has increased by half, which the ROC has considered adjusting the price of diesel for the first time, effective from May 1, 65 onwards, having been adjusted up to 32 baht / liter and will gradually adjust Up and down according to the situation on a weekly basis as well as expanding the measures to reduce the excise tax on diesel, the second round, by reducing the tax rate by 5 baht / liter from May 21 to July 20, 65, the tax rate that is reduced by 5 baht / liter, is the actual tax base for diesel B5. at 4.65 baht/liter and this tax reduction does not immediately reduce the price in front of the gas station because it must be used to help the fuel fund to support the diesel price to stay at a reasonable price for a longer time

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