urgent! The Ministry of Public Health has confirmed that Thailand has found 2 more Omicrons from the last test of covid strains on Nov 24.

urgent! The Ministry of Public Health has confirmed that Thailand has found 2 more Omicrons from the date of testing for covid strains dating back on November 24, confirming that both of them have recovered.

On December 8, at the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH), Dr. Opas Karnkawinpong Director-General of the Department of Disease Control Interview about the case of a covid-19 infected person. More omicron strains in Thailand that such cases are caused by surveillance measures to screen for covid mutation in Thailand According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Omicron It is a species of concern (Variant of concern) on November 26, but we have received information from many countries, including Europe, that the original species were examined. Found Omicron since the beginning of the month. Nov. or earlier We therefore bring the infection of those who entered Thailand through the quarantine system who arrived before November 24 who had a positive RT-PCR test result. To decode the genes of COVID-19 in every patient, two of them were found to be infected with Omicron.

Dr Opas said the details of the genetic decoding are now at the Department of Medical Sciences. The result is 100%. The initial case data are two Thai women, aged 36 and 46, who are expected to go to religious activities in the country. Nigeria After that, we go back to Thailand together. From 24 Nov. ’21, passed the quarantine system, the RT-PCR test result was positive. The two infected people had few symptoms, but were treated until they were free of infection. can’t spread to anyone The doctor then allowed him to go home. But this is not a concern as both cases have been treated.

“Information that experts agree on The intensity of omicron is relatively low. The World Health Organization has confirmed that not a single person has died from Omicron. All data must be analyzed thoroughly. Can’t get a single piece of information to tell. Which the Ministry of Health will notify the public in the future,” said Dr. Opas.

When asked if the two Omicron infected people had a history of vaccination or not, Dr. Opas said that the preliminary information had a history of vaccination, but what injections? have to repeat again But what needs to be warned is that, from the data, these two cases show a history of participating in activities in Nigeria. rarely wear a mask which is another factor, however, when Thai people live in the country Wearing a mask is very good, but if you go abroad, don’t be fooled because many countries don’t wear masks, so we have to try to wear as much as possible. whether inside or outside the country

When asked how many more cases are like this, Dr Opas said that no matter how many cases, we don’t have to worry because in the test and go system, there is a check system. Visitors must have complete vaccinations, RT-PCR checks, within 72 hours prior to arrival in Thailand. Upon arrival, check again. For those who have not been fully vaccinated or did not have the RT-PCR test, must enter the quarantine system in the system

When asked Now, how much information is there about Thai people in Africa who want to return to their country? Dr. Opas said that it was waiting for coordination from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. which we are ready to serve Thai people who want to travel back to the country But the reported data showed that most did not wish to return. because I feel that Omicron is not scary anymore

“We believe that concerns about Omicron should decrease worldwide,” said Dr. Opas.


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