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Two days after the 30-year-old Xiao Zhang (pseudonym) had sex with his partner, he found a yellow and sticky unidentified secretion from the urethra orifice. He also felt pain when urinating. He was mentally prepared to be infected with STDs and went to the Ministry of Health and Welfare Taipei immediately. After the hospital inspection, I did not expect to find gonorrhea, syphilis, and herpes virus infection after the inspection. Zhang Nan asked inexplicably, why would he still get sick when he wears a condom every time he has sex?

Physician Xu Zhicheng from the Department of Urology said that the main reason for wearing the infection is the incorrect use of condoms. During the examination, Zhang Nan constantly emphasized that he always wears condoms during sex. Therefore, in addition to performing external genital examinations, arranging blood and urine tests, and inquiring about Zhang Nan’s love habits in more detail, he found out when Zhang Nan used condoms. Mistakes, apart from preferring oral sex without condoms, but also accustomed to wearing condoms before entering the vagina. Dr. Xu Zhicheng reminded that this is all wrong behavior. The time to use condoms correctly should be after erection, and contact with the other party’s sexual organs, oral cavity, etc. Wear a condom before going to the anus.

In addition, it is also reminded to effectively prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Before using the condom, check whether it is damaged or not before using it. Even if you are performing oral sex, you must wear a condom because of chlamydia, trichomoniasis, cauliflower, and human immunodeficiency virus. (HIV), etc., all have the chance to get infected through oral sex. In many cases, even if the oral cavity and throat are infected with pathogens, they often have no symptoms. Therefore, it is more difficult to find out that you have become a sex virus carrier and then infect other people.

Physician Xu Zhicheng explained that the incubation periods of gonorrhea, syphilis, and herpes viruses were 2-7 days, 10-90 days, and 2-12 days. Fortunately, Zhang Nan went to the doctor on the day he discovered the abnormal condition. At that time, only the urethra had abnormal secretions. There were no lesions in the external genitals and oral cavity, and other body parts had no other symptoms. It was only accidentally discovered through blood tests that there were initial gonorrhea, syphilis incubation period, and herpes virus infection. After a week of drug treatment, the symptoms had disappeared, and the urine returned to normal.

Dr. Xu Zhicheng emphasized that to reduce the risk of infectious diseases, three key points should not be neglected: 1. Safe sex, single sex partner, and correct use of condoms. 2. Maintain good work and rest and adequate nutrition to maintain better immunity. 3. Vaccination of the 9-valent human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, which can be administered to both men and women. It is beneficial to both men and women. It can prevent cervical cancer, vagina cancer, anal cancer, and condyloma acuminata (cauliflower), if you have been infected HPV can also prevent re-infection.



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