Uruguay performance controversial in South Korea Local media rage “I can’t help but feel racist”: J-CAST News[Testun llawn]

The first Group H match of the Qatar World Cup tournament took place on November 24, 2022 at the Education City Stadium, with South Korea drawing 0-0 with Uruguay.

In South Korea, absolute ace Son Heung-min (30), who has a broken face, wears a face guard and takes part in the starting line. The game went back and forth and expectations were high for Son’s goal, but Uruguay’s defense could not be broken down and it ended in a scoreless draw.

  • Valverde (Photo: Naoki Morita/Afro Sports)

  • Valverde in action (Photo: Xinhua/Aflo)

    Valverde in action (Photo: Xinhua/Aflo)

  • Valverde (Photo: Naoki Morita/Afro Sports)
  • Valverde in action (Photo: Xinhua/Aflo)

Five years ago, he was criticized for his “slanted eyes” performance.

The Korean media, which reported the results of the match against Uruguay, paid attention to Uruguay’s play in injury time in the second half.

Midfielder Lee Kang-in (21), who was known as “Korea’s crown jewel”, dribbled up from the right side of his own half, but Uruguayan midfielder Federico Valverde (24) slipped and broke the ball the touch.

Valverde, who stopped Lee with spirited play, looked down at Lee, who collapsed in excitement, thrust his right fist in front of him and screamed. Multiple South Korean media outlets have addressed this performance, citing the “incident” that Valverde caused in the past.

Sports media “Sports Chosun” (WEB version) reported that when Valverde scored a penalty goal against Portugal in the quarter-finals of the FIFA U-20 World Cup held in South Korea in 2017, the corners of both eyes pointed out that he perform and remove the “biased eye” of performance. He claimed it was a racist act that humiliated Asians.

“Valverde teases again after five years”

At the time, Valverde apologized in Korea on social media, saying, “It wasn’t a racist ceremony, it was a personal ceremony for a friend. It wasn’t meant to be racist. I’m sorry.” it seems that the performance in 2018 is once again considered a problem in Japan.

The media reported that Valverde provoked again five years later, and Lee was the victim.

Valverde stopped Lee, who was trying to break through the right side, with a tackle and got back on his feet immediately, He pointed out that it was something that he could not help feeling like “species discrimination.”

Korea’s main media “Chosun Ilbo” (web version) published an article with the title “Uppercut ceremony after a rough tackle … 5 years ago” slanted eye player. After knocking Lee down with a rough tackle, Valverde reportedly waved his fists, screamed, and looked down at the fallen Lee.

Sports Korea (web version) reported that Valverde, who had committed racist acts in the past, suddenly closed his fist and teased Lee. When Valverde stopped Lee’s dribbling, he suddenly showed abnormal behavior, pointing out that it was an incomprehensible sudden action.

Valverde said he had a good shot at the end of the second half showing good ability but losing in manners.

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