US ADP Private Employers Growth More Than Expected-Showing Steady Recovery-Bloomberg

The number of US private employees in November, announced by the ADP Research Institute, continued to grow steadily. The number of job vacancies in the United States is near the record high, but it is suggested that jobs are gradually filling up.

Key Point
  • The number of US private employees increased by 534,000 from the previous month
    • Median forecast for Bloomberg survey increased by 525,000
    • In the previous month, the number of people increased slightly to 570,000 (preliminary figure increased by 571,000).

Employers are still struggling to secure human resources due to skill mismatches between businesses and job seekers, active job changes, and various factors associated with the spread of the new coronavirus infection, but this statistic shows the labor market. It showed a solid recovery. However, the total number of private employees calculated by ADP is still much lower than before the Corona disaster. The emergence of Omicron mutants also poses a risk to improving labor force participation.

ADP Chief Economist Nera Richardson said, “Services that are more vulnerable to the Corona disaster have driven job growth this year. Can Omicron mutants slow the pace of employment recovery in the coming months? I don’t know yet, “he said in the presentation.

The number of employees in the service sector has increased by 424,000. In addition to the remarkable growth in entertainment and hospitality, the increase in employment in professional business services was the largest since June 2020. Trade, transportation and the public interest also showed strong growth.

Employment in the goods production sector increased by 110,000. It increased significantly in the manufacturing and construction industries.

By size, the number of large companies with 500 or more employees increased by 277,000. The number of small businesses has increased by 115,000.

See the table for details on statistics.

Original title:U.S. Companies Added 534,000 Jobs in November, ADP Data Show(抜粋)、ADP Says U.S. Firms Added 534k Jobs in Nov.; Est. 525k (1)(抜粋)

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