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March 05, 2023 at 21:06pm


US President Biden met with German Chancellor Scholz’s visit at the White House on the 3rd.

[Asiantaeth Newyddion Tsieina]US President Biden held a meeting with German Chancellor Scholz’s visit at the White House on the 3rd. Both sides focused on discussing the situation in Ukraine and reiterated that they would continue to provide military and economic support to Ukraine.

This is Scholz’s second visit to the United States since he became Chancellor of Germany. Scholz’s work visit was low-key and tight-lipped, with no welcome ceremony or joint press conference. Both sides faced the media briefly in the Oval Office, and then held a closed-door meeting for about an hour.

Scholz last visited the White House on February 7 last year. “A lot has changed since last year,” Biden told Scholz during a meeting in the Oval Office. He then thanked Germany for its military aid to Ukraine, energy policy adjustments, and coordination with NATO allies.

Scholz used three “important” to express his opinion on the situation in Ukraine. “This is a very, very important year” considering the impact of the situation in Ukraine on the peaceful environment, he said. It is “very important” that Germany and the United States act in unison to provide necessary assistance to Ukraine.

“We are ready to stand with the Ukrainian people as long as necessary,” continued Scholz. “Right now, I think it’s very important to send that message.”

The statement issued by the White House after the meeting said that the leaders of the United States and Germany discussed issues related to the provision of continued security, humanitarian, economic and political assistance to Ukraine, and exchanged views on global issues. wide others.


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