US announces export controls on semiconductor technology to China

The United States announced on the 7th that it would limit semiconductor-related exports to China.

Export control measures announced today by the US Department of Commerce restrict China’s access to all semiconductor chips made with US technology.

Accordingly, exports to China are restricted for all foreign semiconductor-related companies using US technology as well as US companies.

In particular, exports of semiconductor chips used in supercomputers for the development of nuclear weapons will be severely restricted.

It also included a requirement for US companies to obtain a separate license to sell advanced semiconductor manufacturing equipment to Chinese companies.

The New York Times (NYT) newspaper predicted that this measure would slow down China’s military and technological development.

He also evaluated that this measure would be a great turning point in China’s technology export policy since the 1990s.

Earlier this year, the US government sent letters to US companies such as KLAC, Lam Research, and Applied Materials Inc. We have asked the factory to ban exports. With this regulation, the content of an existing letter sent by the US government to domestic companies has become official.

VOA news

* This article referred to Reuters.

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