“US announces support for Ukraine Abrams tank as early as 25th”… White House “in constant communication with allies”

It is known that the US will announce M1 Abrams tank support for Ukraine as early as today (25th).

The US media reported on this day, citing an anonymous source, that Germany has also decided to supply Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine and allow Poland and other countries to do so.

In order to supply the Leopard 2 tank, which requires German approval, Germany has introduced a condition that the United States must also support the Abrams tank.

According to Reuters, multiple US officials said yesterday (24th) that the US is ready to begin the process of sending dozens of Abrams tanks to Ukraine.

In this regard, Andrei Yermak, the Chief of Staff of the President of Ukraine, welcomed him on Telegram, saying, “This will be a really appealing fist for democracy.”

Meanwhile, US White House spokeswoman Karin Jean-Pierre said at a regular briefing yesterday (24th), “We continue to communicate with Ukraine and other allies and partners regarding Ukraine’s battlefield needs” when asked about support for the Abrams tank. .

Spokesman Jean-Pierre reiterated his previous stance on German support for the Leopard 2 tank, saying, “I think it depends on each individual country.”

VOA news

* This article was sourced from Reuters.

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