US Biden Administration Plans to Send Depleted Uranium Bombs to Ukraine

US Biden Administration to Send Depleted Uranium Bombs to Ukraine

In a recent announcement, Reuters reported that the US Biden administration plans to send depleted uranium bombs to Ukraine as part of an additional aid package. These bombs are expected to be delivered in the coming weeks, according to the news agency.

The purpose of these depleted uranium bombs is to equip the ‘Abrams Tank’ with the capability to attack tanks and Russian armored vehicles. With the support of the United States, the ‘Abrams Tank’ is set to engage in warfare in the near future.

Depleted uranium shells, which are crafted from uranium produced during the enrichment process, are known for their superior armor-piercing capabilities. While these shells are not categorized as nuclear weapons, they have sparked controversy due to the small amounts of uranium they contain, raising concerns about potential soil and groundwater contamination.

Similar controversies have arisen in the past when the US military employed depleted uranium bombs during the Gulf War and the Kosovo crisis. In fact, Russia strongly protested when Britain supplied Ukraine with such weaponry in March.

Responding to the matter, Igor Kirillov, the head of Russia’s military unit for radiation, chemical, and biological protection, expressed worry about the contamination of vast agricultural lands in Ukraine and the spread of radioactive materials to other regions.

These developments have not gone unnoticed, as Russian President Putin explicitly cautioned the West, warning that if weapons, including nuclear ones, were used, Russia would respond accordingly.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian forces, bolstered by Western support, achieved a significant breakthrough by breaching Russia’s main defense line in the southeast. Although this victory is relatively small in scale, the Wall Street Journal has recognized its potential to pave the way for a larger triumph.

Reuters reported on the 1st local time that the US Biden administration would send depleted uranium bombs to Ukraine.

Depleted uranium bombs are said to be included in an additional aid package for Ukraine, which will be released soon.

The news agency expected the depleted uranium bombs to be delivered to Ukraine in the coming weeks.

It is also expected that it will be used to attack tanks or Russian armored vehicles by being installed on the ‘Abrams Tank’, which is due to be put into war soon with the support of the United States.

Depleted uranium shells are tank shells made with depleted uranium produced during the uranium enrichment process as warheads, and have a much higher penetration than armor piercing shells.

Although not a nuclear weapon, it has been controversial because it contains small amounts of uranium and could contaminate soil and groundwater.

It was also internationally controversial when the US military used it during the Gulf War and the Kosovo crisis, but Russia protested strongly when Britain provided depleted uranium bombs to Ukraine in March.

[이고르 키릴로프/ 러시아군 방사, 화학, 생물학적 보호군 사령관 : 열화 우라늄이 들어 있는 탄환을 사용한 후 우크라이나의 넓은 경작지가 오염되고 운송 차량이 다른 지역으로 방사성 물질을 퍼뜨릴 것입니다.]

At the time, Russian President Putin even warned, “If the West uses weapons, including nuclear weapons, Russia will respond accordingly.”

Meanwhile, Ukrainian forces, which had been sluggish in counterattacks, broke through Russia’s main defense line on the south-eastern front with the help of Western support.

Although this is a small victory, the Wall Street Journal evaluated it as a move with the potential to lead to a big victory.

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