US CEO to fire 900 jobs with Zoom “A bunch of stupid dolphins” to the staff

American online lender has laid off more than 900 employees through Zoom.

On the 5th (local time), CNN reported that the company’s founder and CEO, Vishal Garg, will be laying off about 9% of employees through a Zoom webinar ahead of the holiday season.

“If you get this call, you’re part of an unfortunate group of people getting fired,” he told CNN. “Your employment ends immediately.”

He continued, “You can check the detailed explanation of the severance pay via the e-mail sent by the HR department.” He also said, “This is my second dismissal. Last time I was fired, I cried while doing it.” But it was a restrained voice.

Garg cited efficiency, performance and productivity as reasons for layoffs.

According to Fortune magazine, he accused employees of “stealing” from colleagues and customers by being unproductive and working only two hours a day.’s chief financial officer Kevin Ryan told CNN it’s painful to get laid off at this time of the year. ., which has also been invested by SoftBank Group Chairman Son Jeong-eui, announced a plan to go public in May through a merger with SPAC. Last week, during the signing of the contract, he received $750 million in cash (about 886.275 billion won). That means you have more than $1 billion in cash.

Garg had previously been embroiled in controversy over his attitude toward employees.

According to a report obtained by Forbes, an American business magazine, Garg said in an email to his employees, “You’re too slow. You are a bunch of stupid dolphins. So stop right now.”

The Daily Beast also pointed out in August that some employees favored by Garg receive huge privileges, including stock options worth millions of dollars. One of them is said to have become a problem due to workplace bullying.


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