US-China defense ministers meeting…”North Korea sanctions must be implemented” against “Taiwan non-interference issue”

Photo credit: Yonhap News

With North Korean provocations reaching a peak, the US and Chinese defense ministers discussed countermeasures, including sanctions against North Korea, but disagreements persisted.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe met at the 9th ASEAN Defense Ministerial Meeting held in Cambodia on the morning of the 22nd local time and held bilateral discussions.

The Pentagon said in a press release that Secretary Austin expressed concern about North Korea’s provocations and demanded that China implement the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council thoroughly.

On the issue of Taiwan, the principle of “one China” based on the Taiwan Relations Act remains unchanged, but reiterates its position that it opposes unilateral status change and urged China to refrain from further actions that undermine Taiwan security.

In addition, he expressed concern that the risk of accidents is increasing due to dangerous actions by Chinese fighters in the Indo-Pacific region, and confirmed the position that the United States will continue with air, sea, and training wherever the international law allows.

On the other hand, Wei Fenghe said, “The responsibility for the current situation in China-US relations lies with the United States. China attaches importance to the development of bilateral relations, but the United States must respect the interests the core of China.”

In particular, regarding the Taiwan issue, he assumed that it is “the core of China’s core interests and the first insurmountable red line in Sino-US relations,” and then said, “Taiwan is China’s Taiwan, and solving the Taiwan issue is the Business Chinese people and no outside force.” We have no right to interfere.”

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