US Director Oliver Stone, “Russian Corona 19 Vaccination”

Well-known film director Oliver Stone in the United States has said he has been vaccinated against Corona 19 in Russia.

Stone said on a local broadcast that he received the Sputnik V vaccine a few days ago and is planning to return to Russia for a second dose in the future.

Stone is known to have been vaccinated while visiting Russia to film a documentary on climate change.

Stone has produced several films with rich social and political colors, such as’Platoon’,’JFK’, and’Snowden’, and interviewed President Vladimir Putin more than 10 times for a documentary.

Sputnik V is a vaccine developed by the local National Center for Infectious Diseases and Microbiology and officially approved by the Russian government in August.

Unlike conventional vaccine development procedures, this vaccine was approved immediately after phase 1 and phase 2 prior to phase 3 clinical trials, raising concerns about efficacy and safety.

However, the Russian developer argued that the results of phase 3, which took place after official approval, confirmed that the immunity effect of Sputnik V vaccine was more than 90%.

(Photo = Getty Image Korea)



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