US doctors revealed Is it true that a foul fart is a risk of blindness? How many times a day do you advise to fart to be healthy!

US doctors revealed The magic of the smelly fart that may risk blindness or not, with advice on how many times a day to fart to be healthy!

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Dr. Anthony Yoon, a surgeon from Michigan united states Sharing wisdom, medical knowledge and entertainment via Instagram and Tik Tok, has responded to a question one social media user claims to have.He farted so hard that he temporarily blinded him for three minutes.

Dr. Anthony explains the miracle of farting. It’s not just the foul stuff that damages the nose. “Even though it’s very unlikely, If the fart you fart has a very pungent smell. it may be that You have large amounts of hydrogen sulfide, also known as rotten egg gas.”

“Studies show that hydrogen sulfide is effective in lowering blood pressure. If a fart smell that can lower blood pressure reaches the eye, it can harm the central retinal blood vessels. In theory, it could blind you, so be careful not to create too many sponges in the bathtub.”

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The clip has 570,000 views and 36,700 likes on Instagram. The Tik Tok channel had 3.1 million views, who were both stunned and paranoid about their farts. “I’ve been around other people who farted and I almost vomited, dizzy, so I thought blindness was possible.” some said “New knowledge is increasing day by day. after watching the video of Dr.

In addition, Dr Karan Rajan, surgeon of the National Public Health System, England, describes the average human being.You should fart about 14 times a day. If you fart more than 23 times in a day, it is considered abnormal.

“If someone tells you not to fart, show that you are lying which results in intestinal obstruction Also, if you hold your fart for too long The air is reabsorbed into the bloodstream and out through the breath instead. As a result, you may have a rather bad odour, in which 25% of farts are swallowed air that you do not burp. And the dissolved gases from the blood flow into your intestines. However, 99 percent of farts are non-odorous gases such as hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and methane.”

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