US economy on the verge of stalling, Markit PMI index suggests-Omicron stock weight-Bloomberg

US corporate activity approached a stall in early January. Demand declined due to the prolonged restraint of production capacity and the spread of new coronavirus infection.

The preliminary value of the Comprehensive Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) for January released by IHS Markit on the 24th was 50.8, down 6.2 points from the previous month, the lowest level in 18 months. When the index exceeds 50, it indicates expansion of activity. The activity index of the service industry has also declined, dropping to the level since July 2020. Activities were curtailed due to labor shortages and employee absenteeism.

The manufacturing index has fallen relatively modestly, but still at its lowest level since October 2008. Production was hampered by continued supply chain turmoil.

The statistics show that supply chain problems have been protracted, but are gradually beginning to ease. The index showing future production reached the highest level in about a year.

The overall index of material prices also fell sharply, suggesting that the cost increase was not so great. However, it is still well above the level before 2021.

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