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The U.S. election was held on November 3 (next Tuesday), when Sino-U.S. relations were at a low point in decades. The hawks within the Trump administration raised the banner of ideology and tried to separate and encircle “China” and “CCP.” The Democratic candidate Biden believes that he will not follow the new Cold War. Biden told the media that the biggest threat to the United States is Russia, and China is America’s biggest competitor. But Biden admits that the US-China competitive relationship may become involved in force.

Biden accepted the latest interview with CBS’s ace program “60 Minutes”. When the reporter asked which country poses the greatest threat to the United States, Biden answered:

“I think the biggest threat to the United States right now, in terms of disintegrating our security and alliance system, is Russia.”

(Well, I think the biggest threat to America right now in terms of breaking up our security and our alliances is Russia.)

“Secondly, I think the biggest competitor (of the United States) is China. Depending on how we handle it, this will determine whether China and the United States are (relatively benign) competitors or a more serious competitive relationship involving force.”

(Secondly, I think that the biggest competitor is China. And depending on how we handle that will determine whether we’re competitors or we end up being in a more serious competition relating to force. )

If Biden is elected, China’s policy may be 2 to 5 different from Trump

Biden also stated in the interview that the United States “lack of standing in the world” is a major threat to the United States. He criticized President Trump for “hugging the dictator” and offending all friends in the United States. NATO allies now distrust the United States. Trump is depriving the United States of its ability to lead the world.

Although it has become the cross-party consensus of the United States to be tough on China, and the Biden team also advocates reshaping Sino-US relations, many of Biden’s advisers have expressed opposition to the “China-US decoupling” and “new cold war” proposals this year. The analysis believes that once Biden enters the White House, he will pay more attention to doing the United States’ own affairs, rather than deliberately suppressing China, in order to re-establish the United States’ global leadership position and regain its advantages in the competition with China.

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[U.S. Election and China]Biden calls Russia the biggest threat

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