US EV war, Tesla cuts prices to boost record sales

statement of reductionEV car priceohElon Musk In January, it signaled the start of a price war. not only in the marketan electric carin the United States, but it has also affected the heated situation of EVs in China.

TeslaMore than 430,000 vehicles may have been delivered in the quarter ended March 31. That’s up 6% from the previous quarter and 39% from a year earlier, according to analyst estimates from Refinitiv.

Production is expected to increase further. Because Tesla ordered to increase production in new factories in Texas and Berlin. And as manufacturing in China recovers from the COVID-19 lockdown.

analysts expect Tesla will lower prices further As many car manufacturers have lowered prices and expressed concern about the uncertain economy.

Barclays analyst Dan Levy noted that Tesla’s tendency to produce cars in Austin and Berlin continues. Reflecting the price’s tendency to fall further.

For the United States, Tesla declinedelectric car priceA discount of up to 20%, with lower prices meaning more cars qualify for the subsidy of US$7,500 per vehicle.

Musk said in January that price cuts to spur buying pressure have caused concern. in the middle of the fragile economy

Levy said state subsidies. It tends to be a temporary promotion policy. which helped stimulate an increase in demand

On Friday, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen released the rules.EV car tax with stricter This will reduce the tax credit in some models. The rules will go into effect on April 19, and Tesla says prices will drop for its lowest-priced Model 3. One of them is the Model 3 itself.


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