US expects more banks to stop using Russian payment network = senior official | Reuters

On September 20, a senior US government official said on the 20th that the Turkish private banks Isbank and Denizbank stopped using Russia’s own payment system “MIR”, which is very reasonable in terms of avoiding the risks of sanctions. He said he sees good and expects more banks to stop using it. The picture is the “MIR” logo. FILE PHOTO: June 2022. REUTERS/Maxim Shemetov

[ワシントン 20日 ロイター] – A senior US government official said on Wednesday that private Turkish banks Isbank and Denizbank have stopped using Russia’s proprietary MIR payment system, which makes a lot of sense in terms of avoiding sanctions risks, he said he expects more banks stopped using it.

The bank said it would not “want to be on the wrong side” of Western sanctions against Russia.

Isbank and Denizbank announced on the 19th that they have stopped using Pryd. The United States has approved the CEO of the National Payment Card System (NSPK), which operates Mir.

Turkey has followed a balanced diplomacy since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and it seems that the intention of stopping the use of Mir by the two banks is to avoid being caught between the West and Russia financially.

But Turkey’s Erdogan has held several meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin, including one in Uzbekistan last week, and diplomatic sources say Western countries are wary of Russia’s growing economic ties with Turkey.

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