US expedient spending bill clears the Senate “government shutdown” time bomb detonates again after delay | Senate_Sina

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Original title: US expedient spending bill passes the Senate “government shutdown” time bomb detonated again

On the evening of Thursday (December 2) Eastern Time, the U.S. Senate passed an expedient spending bill with a 69 to 28 vote ratio. The bill will provide the U.S. government with operating funds by February next year to prevent the government from on Friday. (December 3) It has been shut down.

Earlier, the bill passed the House of Representatives with a vote ratio of 221 to 212. After the Senate passed this time, it will be submitted to President Biden for signing into law.

Previously, Treasury Secretary Yellen said that if no measures were taken, the government might completely shut down after December 15. Later, this deadline was moved forward to December 3. The government shutdown will cause federal workers to be forced to take vacations and the suspension of operations of certain government service agencies. Prolonged shutdowns will lead to increased financial risks and economic recession.

Prior to this, the Senate Democrats and Republicans had a day-long negotiation. The Republican Party has proposed an amendment to the authorization of vaccines, which requires the withdrawal of the mandatory order for all employees of private companies with more than 100 employees to be vaccinated against the new crown. In the end, the vaccine amendment was rejected at a ratio of 48 to 50.

But the expedient spending bill was passed. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said after the vote: “I am very happy to tell Americans that the government is still open.” The expedient spending bill can provide funding for the government until February 18, and the Democrats hope to advance during this time. Biden’s economic spending bill and annual defense policy bill worth approximately $2 trillion.

However, the two parties in the Senate are very divided on the Biden spending bill. Senate Minority Leader McConnell has said that he will not cooperate with the Democrats on the economic spending bill. Patrick Leahy, a Democratic senator and chairman of the Appropriations Committee, said: “Refusing to meet at the negotiating table will only undermine national security.”

The latest expedient spending bill can only provide the government with funds until February 18 next year, which means that the two parties will have to start a see-saw on this by this time next year. There seems to be no long-term solution to the debt, and there is no possibility that the two parties will finally reach an agreement on the spending bill.

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