Air Mobility Command commander and four-star general Mike Minihan warned in a memo to the leadership of his 110,000 force that the US could be at war with China in two years, he said “I hope I’m wrong, but my gut says told me we’re going to war in 2025.” Michael McCaul, the Republican chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives, also believes that the possibility of a conflict between the United States and China over Taiwan is very high.

“I hope he’s wrong … but I think he’s right,” McCall, the new chairman of the foreign affairs committee, told the Fox network’s “Fox News Sunday” program today, according to Reuters. If China cannot take control of Taiwan in a bloodless manner, then “in my opinion, they are going to consider a military attack. We have to be ready for that,” said McCall.

McCall also accused the Democratic administration of US President Joe Biden of messing up the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan and highlighted US weaknesses, which could make war with China more likely. He emphasized: “We may see a conflict with China. In Taiwan and the Indo-Pacific region, the possibility is very high.” In response to Minihan’s statement, a US Defense Department official responded yesterday that Minihan’s statement is not “represents national defense. Ministry’s opinion about China”.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said earlier this month that despite China’s increased military activity near the Taiwan Strait, he highly doubted it meant Beijing was about to invade the island. Minihan’s views do not speak for the Pentagon, but they reflect concern at the highest levels of the US military about China’s possible attempt to gain control of Taiwan. In the memo, he mentioned that the US and Taiwan will hold presidential elections in 2024, which could create opportunities for China to take military action.