US ‘gun shooting’ on Halloween day … 20 killed

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In the United States, on Halloween day, a chronic shooting occurred, killing more than 20 people.

In particular, one person was killed when someone opened fire in a party hall where teenagers were crowded.

Correspondent Wang Jong-myung from Washington.

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An uninvited guest came to the house where the Halloween party was in full swing.

Inside the house, about 70 to 100 high school students were having a party.

The house owner asked the uninvited guests to leave, and they opened fire with their pre-packaged guns in the house.

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“The landlord asked them to leave the house. They started shooting randomly at the house in the process.”

One person was killed and at least four and up to six people were shot, two in a serious condition.

The police have not caught the criminals yet.

In Chicago, there was an indiscriminate shooting at an intersection that had nothing to do with Halloween.

At least two shooters, believed to have been passing through in black vehicles, opened fire on passers-by, leaving 14 injured.

Among those injured are children aged 3, 11 and 13.

The Chicago shooter also fled and his whereabouts are unknown.

Every day in the United States, shootings happen every day, even on Halloween, targeting unpredictable homes and ordinary intersections.

Separately, more than 60,000 citizens took part in the Halloween parade in New York, which ended without incident thanks to the control of 2,000 police officers and 1,500 volunteers.

This is Jongmyung Wang from MBC News from Washington.

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