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US intelligence authorities “North Korea will review nuclear test-ICBM launch to pressure the US”

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US intelligence officials predicted that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un would be considering a nuclear test or launching an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) this year to pressure negotiations with the United States. The intelligence authorities were wary of the growing influence of China as they evaluated China as an increasingly “near-peer competitor” with the United States.

In the North Korean section of the 27-page’Annual Threat Assessment’ report released on the 13th (local time), the Office of the Office of the National Intelligence Service (ODNI) “This includes testing of nuclear weapons and ICBM,” he said. “Kim Jong-un sees nuclear weapons as the ultimate deterrent against foreign intervention and believes that North Korea will be accepted as a nuclear power in the international community in the long term.” “The level of pressure on his regime fundamentally impedes North Korea’s approach. You may think that it is not enough to change.

The report also cited the threat of conventional weapons, saying, “Kim Jong-un also aims to be recognized as a nuclear power through the development of nuclear weapons and missiles along with efforts to modernize conventional weapons.” It analyzed that the strengthening of the capabilities of conventional weapons will increasingly pose a threat to the United States, Korea, and Japan.

In the field of weapons of mass destruction (WND), “North Korea will be a threat in the near future.” “Because Kim Jong-un continues to focus on nuclear weapons, is actively involved in the research and development of ballistic missiles, and North Korea’s efforts for biological and chemical weapons are continuing. ”Analyzed. In the field of cyber capability, he evaluated that “North Korea can cause temporary and limited disruption to the very important US infrastructure network, and it will be at a level that can interfere with the network of corporations in the US.” ODNI is the top intelligence agency responsible for 17 intelligence agencies in the United States, including the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). It can be seen that the information and analysis contents of these organizations are covered in the report released here. ODNI’s annual threat report, which was first released by the Joe Biden administration, is likely to have been largely reflected in the Biden administration’s new North Korea policy, scheduled to be released later this month. This report, along with North Korea, considered China, Russia, and Iran as the main threats and described in separate chapters. In particular, China was ranked first, confirming that it is the number one threat recognized by the United States. The report predicted that “the CCP will continue its pan-governmental efforts to expand China’s influence, weaken the United States’ influence, open the gap between the United States and the alliance, and create a new international norm with an absolutist Chinese system.” He said China is increasingly becoming a rival to the same level as the United States, and cited the conflict between the South China Sea, the East China Sea and India as an example of China’s attempts to expand its influence. Regarding Taiwan, he predicted that “China will criticize the strengthening of involvement between the US and Taiwan while pressing for unification.

In terms of military power, he said, “China will continue to deploy new long-range systems that can show its strength,” evaluating the naval power and air power of the Chinese military as the largest in the region. Regarding the WMD, he said, “China will continue to expand and diversify its nuclear arsenal at the fastest pace in history, deploy three major nuclear forces in action, and more than double its nuclear weapons reserves within 10 years.”

Based on this report, the US Senate and House will conduct hearings on the 14th and 15th to assess threats to the United States. Avril Haynes Director of National Intelligence (DNI), CIA Director William Burns, and FBI Director Christopher Ray will attend.

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