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US issues first ‘gender X’ passport … LGBTQ care

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The U.S. Department of State issued the first passports with an ‘X’ for gender rather than female or male.

It recognized the rights of those who were denied passports because they did not identify as male or female, and opened the way to secure official identification.

The State Department did not disclose who was issued the first “sex X” passport for privacy reasons, but the Associated Press reported that Dana Jim, 63, has been suing the State Department over gender labeling in Colorado since 2015. reported that they confirmed that they had received the corresponding passport.

Jim, who was born with ambiguous physical characteristics, wrote ‘intersex’ above the column that indicated whether he was male or female when he applied for a passport and requested that he be able to indicate his gender with an ‘X’ in a separate document.

LGBTQ rights envoy Jennifer Stern said it was “historical and celebrated” and that “when a person has an identity card that reflects their true identity, they live with greater dignity.”

The State Department has also decided to allow passport applications of a defined gender without proof through medical records, the Associated Press reported.

Previously, when Americans applied for a passport with a gender different from the gender indicated on their birth certificate, they had to submit a certificate from a medical institution.

The State Department also said next year it will provide more options for gender labeling.

AFP reported that at least 11 countries, including Canada, Germany, Argentina, India, Nepal, and Pakistan, offer an additional option such as an ‘X’ in the gender notation of passports.

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The Joe Biden administration has made the recognition of diversity, including the expansion of LGBT rights, a key value, and is taking concrete measures accordingly, in contrast to the previous administration of Donald Trump.

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