US-led ‘democracy’ video summit… Pressure to boycott the Olympics?

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The ‘Democracy Summit’, presided over by US President Biden and attended by President Moon Jae-in, is scheduled to be held shortly.

There is also a prospect that the Olympic boycott issue may be raised, but we will connect with a reporter from the Blue House to find out more.

Reporter Umji-in.

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Yes, it is the Blue House.

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This meeting is said to be a solidarity for democracy, but it is for pressure on China. There is also criticism.

What is covered?

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Yes, the meeting starts at 10pm, and the official agenda is to block authoritarianism, fight corruption, and respect human rights.

However, if you look at the participating countries, there are Taiwan, which China protests, Ukraine, which Russia will be uncomfortable with, and it is said that a pro-democracy activist in Hong Kong will also speak directly.

From the perspective of US interests, it seems that they will check and press China or Russia.

After a while, President Biden will personally preside over a closed meeting with only the heads of 12 major countries, including President Moon, separately.

There is also a prospect that China may discuss human rights issues or request participation in the Beijing Winter Olympics boycott.

It is reported that President Moon will emphasize a principled position on the restoration of democracy rather than directly mentioning China or the Beijing Olympics.

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The UK and Canada have also announced that they will not send government delegations to the Olympics.

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The diplomatic boycott of the Olympics is not currently being considered.

Let’s hear the explanation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs first.

[최영삼/외교부 대변인]

“As for the participation of the Korean government’s delegation to the Beijing Winter Olympics, nothing has been decided yet.”

‘We are not currently reviewing the boycott’ can be seen as a statement conscious of China, and “the plan of the government delegation is still undecided” is interpreted as an explanation conscious of the United States.

Of course, it is known that the Blue House is judging that “a boycott is realistically difficult” considering the relationship with China and the Korea-China summit that is being prepared next month, but as the Olympics are still two months away, it is necessary to immediately move on to either side. Rather than standing, it is interpreted as taking a strategically ambiguous attitude for the time being.

This is Umji-in from MBC News at the Blue House.

Video coverage: Yang Dong-am, Koo Bon-won / Video editing: Yoon Chi-young

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