US mid-term elections, a battle of fortunes, Joe Biden and Donald Trump

Assistant Professor Dr. Wiboonpong Poonprasit” Advisor to the Society for American Studies in Thailand Political Science Thammasat

“My personal opinion is that this mid-term election There are two interesting issues: Firstly, the Democrats are likely to lose a majority in the House of Commons. (House of Representatives) quite sure. He is also in danger of losing the Senate to the Republican Party.

As for the second point, the victory of the Republican Party Members of the House of Representatives and Senators Are you close to former President Donald Trump? to pave the way for the 2024 US presidential election.”

Mid-term elections and political issues in the United States:

If Republicans win Personally, I think that should cause internal politics in the United States to come back to the problem again for sure. Because Donald Trump’s political views are diametrically opposed to the Democrats. and this issue can cause “Political compromise” It is possible that the long standing between the two parties will come to an end.

US mid-term elections, a battle of fortunes, Joe Biden and Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s Republican influence:

Personality and funds are two important factors that make “Donald Trump” still influences the Republican Party Because one thing must be accepted is that Trump’s personality and political moves in the past have been pleasing the Conservative middle class Americans in the United States. Most of them support the Republican Party. until receiving a large amount of political donations

In addition, another interesting thing is that the survey also found that Republican Candidates in this midterm election battle 40% believe “Donald Trump” he won the last presidential election and victory “Joe Biden” acquired impurity This is a very scary issue.

US mid-term elections, a battle of fortunes, Joe Biden and Donald Trump

Democrats’ Mistakes:

The Democrats’ campaign in this electoral battle I think personally “mistake” Because rather than focusing on solving problems for the American people is important. But back to focusing on politics. It may well be that the threat to democracy as a result of the return of Donald Trump is, well, partly and deeply true of the political party. But from the results of the survey, it can be seen clearly that Americans are now focusing on economic problems arising from inflation and unemployment. as a result of controlling “President Joe Biden” more than other problems

“Honestly, Joe Biden should try to focus on understanding those people economic problems at the moment The root cause stems from the problem of the epidemic of Covid-19, so he should give the opportunity to go back to work again. There will be a policy to solve economic problems like this, but what happened is Joe Biden and the Democrats. Instead, try not to talk too much about politics.

Because the latest survey That can be seen clearly Almost 50% of Americans, especially the middle class, think that economic problems are a major concern, while democracy is only 4-5 percent.”

US mid-term elections, a battle of fortunes, Joe Biden and Donald Trump

The return of Donald Trump:

If this mid-term election the Republican Party won the lower house. It is believed that Donald Trump will officially announce his candidacy for the next US presidential election in the next 1-2 months. Because of this election, Trump is waiting to see the results. Things that have tried to communicate about economic problems in the past Was it heard by suffering Americans?

“In my personal opinion, I think problems in the United States at the moment. Going the way of Donald Trump, who raised the story of American First so that the world will be. America has always been right, so this is a good time for Trump to hurry up and find a way to fight the lawsuits. Especially for inciting riots in Congress, which is being investigated by the FBI, and if Trump really does come back. These lawsuits would gradually disappear. Because the size is still only a former president is respected as well And if he comes back to run for the presidency again, what will happen?”

Not receiving election results:

Another interesting point in the mid-term elections is the number of Republican candidates. Most of them are under support “Donald Trump” announce that clearly he will not accept the results of the election if he himself loses which is very strange And if that happens, it would create political turmoil in the United States. It is enough.

US mid-term elections, a battle of fortunes, Joe Biden and Donald Trump

US politics in flux:

Another factor to watch for is this election. American Gen Y and Gen Z or the 20-30 year olds who are the majority in this mid-term elections who do not have a strong ideology like the previous generation announced as “Republicans” or “Democrats” Again, because this generation, which is increasing in number, clearly states that it is “free” And more importantly, this group is a group of people of working age who are also experiencing economic problems.

Mid-term elections = political referendum:

Another important factor that often affects midterm elections is the majority of Americans. The election is often used as a referendum to measure the performance of the government over the past two years, so Joe Biden, who for almost two years has received no more than 40 percent of the approval rating of the vote once also

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