US mid-term elections, Republican wins seats in the House but no ‘red wave’ – Biden avoids the worst – Bloomberg

In the mid-term elections, which have a strong sense of opinion against the US Biden administration, there was a growing opinion that the opposition Republican Party would ride the “red wave” and win a big victory, but the red wave did not happen.

Polls show strong dissatisfaction among voters with the state of the US economy, boosting the confidence of Republican leaders and prompting former President Donald Trump to repeat his threat to run for president in 2024 to try to build on the momentum.

Under the hood, Republicans are certainly likely to regain control of the House of Representatives, but not as widely as expected. There are many electoral districts that have yet to decide whether they will be elected, and the chances of the DPJ winning the election are not zero.

In the Senate, Democratic candidate Fetterman stole a seat from the Republican Party in Pennsylvania, a battleground state. So far Republicans have failed to win back seats from the Democrats. Even now, the battleground states of Nevada and Arizona have yet to reveal a majority, and Georgia is expected to have a runoff vote.

Georgia Democratic Nominee John Fetterman, November 9

Photographer: Justin Merriman/Bloomberg

In any case, due to the competition between the two houses of Congress, it will be difficult for both sides to implement the priority measures they are aiming for. For Wall Street and investors, a legislative situation is usually more welcome than the introduction of new regulations and taxes. US stocks fell on the 9th as a result of red wave excitement.

Former Representative Tom Davis (Republican) said in an interview, “I don’t think we will have any major policy decisions until 2025.” “It will be difficult to pass the budget without shutting down the government or raising the debt ceiling,” he said.

Despite his weak approval ratings and low key campaign support, Biden is likely to claim the best midterm elections by a sitting president in 20 years.

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