US Open Golf Winner for the Handicapped Seungmin Lee Management contract with Ball Media

Seungmin Lee (25), who won the US Open golf tournament for the disabled this year, signed a management contract with Ball Media, a sports marketing company.

On the 20th, the management agreement ceremony held at Ball Media headquarters in Gangdong-gu, Seoul was attended by Ball Media CEO Kim Dong-woo and Lee Seung-min.

With this agreement, Ball Media oversees general management tasks such as support for Seungmin Lee’s capacity building, schedule management, public relations and the media response, and content production and distribution.

To this end, Ball Media recruited Vice President Hwang Sang-hyeon, who conducted media training and communication message consulting at Edelman, a global public relations consulting firm.

Ball Media is a comprehensive sports marketing company that produces sports video content, runs competitions, and plans campaigns.

Since the first half of this year, we have been involved in the production of a documentary about Seungmin Lee, who communicates with the world through golf.

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