US police officer was finally fired after 5 years of ignoring gangsters to catch Kabbi – Hong Kong

“Pokemon GO” swept the city when it was first launched in the early years, and today you can still see passers-by “catch elves” on the streets, which shows that the game still attracts a lot of fans. Earlier in the United States, two police officers were fired from the police station because they were addicted to “Pokemon GO” and deliberately ignored the emergency radio in order to catch “Kapimon” while on duty. A U.S. court recently dismissed an appeal by two police officers who were fired, finding nothing unreasonable.

As early as April 15, 2017, Los Angeles Police Department officers Louis Lozano and Eric Mitchell were assigned to patrol the precinct when they were asked to go to Macy’s in the southwest to handle a multiple case. A suspect was robbed of reinforcements, but the duo did not respond to radio calls because they were hunting down the nearby Pokemon character Kirby.

The two initially denied that they were playing Pokemon GO, but there were audio and video recordings in the car that proved they were discussing the content of the game. Minutes after being asked to respond to the Macy’s robbery, Mitchell told Ronaldo that the Cabbage had just appeared near 46th Street and the Leimert neighborhood, before exclaiming “caught!” even more excitedly. The court report stated that after they “caught” the kabbi, they continued to the next location to catch “Pokkigu”, but at the same time a robbery was taking place not far away. During the court session, Mitchell and Ronaldo insisted that they did not open the game at the time, and were just tracking the “elf” through the app, but their defenses and claims did not change the verdict, and the court still announced that the two were expelled. There was no problem in the end.

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