US prosecutor charged with seven counts of murder in National Day shooting

Illinois Attorney Charged with seven counts of murder for a suspect in the US Independence Day shooting in Chicago.

Today (6 July 2022) foreign news agencies Reports on the progress of the shooting of the US Independence Day parade at Highland Park in Chicago, Illinois on July 4. It left seven people dead and more than 36 injured.

Illinois prosecutors said they had charged a total of seven counts of manslaughter with Robert E. Cremo the Third, the terror suspect. if convicted He will receive a maximum life sentence without parole. There will also be other charges. Dozens of additional charges until the investigation is terminated.

As for Robert E. Cremo, the Third was accused of firing a rifle from the deck. He approached the crowd watching the National Day parade of more than 70 matches, then disguised himself as a woman. to escape, swallowed by the panicking crowd and ran away from the scene before being arrested eight hours later by the police.

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