US-Russian leaders discuss Ukraine Putin warns Biden If the boycott – a grave mistake

US-Russian Leaders Discuss Ukraine – On Dec. 31, the BBC reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin warned US President Joe Biden that economic sanctions against Russia would This was a grave mistake and could result in the severing of relations between the two nations. During the two leaders’ online discussions of tensions in Ukraine

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The report states that The Russian leader’s warning comes after Biden threatened to impose harsh economic sanctions on Russia if Russia decides to invade Ukraine. More than 100,000 Russian troops have been deployed to the Ukrainian border in recent weeks, causing fear among Ukrainian authorities and the European Union.

The discussion took place President Putin has been the talks with the US leader, the second time in a month. The latest round lasted about 50 minutes, in which President Putin reiterated his call for the North Atlantic Treaty Defense Organization (NATO) to stop bringing Eastern European nations into NATO. and halt the expansion of military forces to come close to the Russian border

Following the talks, Russian foreign policy adviser Yuri Ushakov said President Putin was pleased with the opportunity to meet with the US president as it lays the groundwork for mutual understanding and paves the way for the forum. Other security talks to follow next year.

However, senior White House officials White House spokesman Jane Saki said Biden had made clear to the Russian leader that The progress of the dialogue will only take place under dialogue to defuse tensions.

“President Biden reiterated to the Russian leader. that the US official And the allies will take decisive action against Russia if Russia invades Ukraine,” Saki said.

Biden and Putin are scheduled to meet again in Geneva. Switzerland in this Jan. President Biden urged the Russian authorities to seek a diplomatic solution. President Putin had expressed his hopes that Russia and the United States will be able to find a common solution on the basis of the national dignity and interests of both sides.


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