‘US-Saudi ties as strong as Catholic marriage’; United States banker

Riyadh: American banker and former White House official Anthony Scaramucci said the relationship between the US and Saudi Arabia is as strong as a Catholic marriage. Anthony expressed his views on Saudi-US relations on Arab News’ weekly contemporary talk show, ‘Frankly Speaking’. Anthony Scaramucci was in Abu Dhabi to attend the second edition of the Innovatopia conference.

The United States has a critical relationship with Saudi Arabia. Anthony added that it was advice to give to US President Joe Biden regarding the relationship with Saudi Arabia. Saudi and US may fight each other. At the same time, Antony noted that the relationship between the two countries will remain strong. The American banker explained that the differences of opinion between the two countries are temporary.

The two countries have a strong relationship that has existed for almost ninety years. The Saudi-US governments and the intelligence and defense departments are all intertwined. Therefore, Antony asked the leaders of the United States, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia to evaluate this issue

STORY HIGHLIGHTS: American banker says US-Saudi relationship as strong as Catholic marriage


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