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Washington: The United States has said that journalism is not a crime. The United States has responded by criticizing Hong Kong’s online news agency Stand News. The latest incident comes amid criticism that the Hong Kong government is cracking down on opposition voices in the city following the recent enactment of a national security law that has led to the arrest of seven people, including senior staff, in a raid on the Hong Kong Stand News Agency for publishing sedition news. Maria Chung Pui Koon, Acting Chief Editor of Stand News, Patrick Klam A. Board Members Margaret NG, Christine Fang, Chota The arrests include Tchi, a pop star and Denis Ho, a Democracy icon.

He was charged with conspiracy to commit treason. N a r st. In 200, he was raided in 200 to the Blaw Se Sen. Then the computers and other documents of the institution were taken away. Then the newspaper official went to Facebook to show that the stand was breaking news. St. Stand News was a pro-democracy media outlet in Hong Kong. Earlier in the day, Apple Daily, a leading Hong Kong-based media outlet, was raided and shut down on charges of treason. The United States has demanded that China and Hong Kong reverse their actions.

ENGLISH SUMMARY:The Unit­ed States has said that jour­nal­ism is not a crime
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