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US Secretary of State “It is important to cope with the North Korean threat.”

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Tomorrow (17th) US Secretary of State Tony Blincoln and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin held a diplomatic-defense minister meeting with Japan today. Let’s connect to Tokyo and hear more news.

Correspondent Yoon Seol-young, first of all, did Secretary of State Blincoln comment on what Vice Minister Kim Yeo-jeong said?


Minister Blincoln said he was well aware of Vice Minister Kim Yeo-jeong’s remarks on’Poppyeonjam’.

He said that the importance of the alliance against the North Korean threat and the joint response between South Korea, the United States and Japan are very important. Let’s listen to it.

[토니 블링컨/미국 국무장관 : 다양한 모든 것을 재검토하고 있으며 동맹국 파트너와 같이할 생각입니다. 의지를 갖고 북한 문제, 특히 핵미사일과 인권침해 문제에 대응할 생각입니다.]


Was there any mention of North Korea’s denuclearization or Korea-Japan relations?


Ministers of both countries noted that they have reaffirmed their efforts to’completely denuclearize North Korea’.

As it is still in the process of reviewing its North Korea policy, it seems that it has only reaffirmed its goals.

Regarding Korea, he only said that cooperation between the United States and Korea was important.

In a statement from the US government before departure, “There is nothing as important as the relationship between Korea and Japan,” but it was not mentioned directly at today’s meeting.


At today’s meeting, the Chinese issue was mainly addressed, right?


The joint announcement following today’s talks was close to public accusations against China.

He expressed serious concern over the recent tensions around the Senkaku Islands and human rights issues in Hong Kong and Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Regions.

They criticized these actions as’actions that do not conform to the existing international order’.

Ahead of the Anchorage talks with China, Japan actually created an’anti-China’ front.

It can also act as pressure for the 2+2 talks between the US and the ROK that will take place the day after tomorrow.


I heard it well. Correspondent Yoon Seol-young delivered it from Tokyo.

(Video Design: Lee Chang-Hwan)

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