US security adviser says Russia will pay for invasion of Ukraine

▲ Jake Sullivan, National Security Adviser, White House

White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan has warned that if Russia invades Ukraine, severe economic consequences will be inevitable.

“We have delivered a clear message to Russia,” Sullivan said on CBS’ ‘Face the Nation’ today regarding the Ukraine crisis, where signs of an imminent Russian invasion are emerging.

“If Russia invades Ukraine further, we will unite with our allies to impose sanctions,” he said.

Regarding the cyberattack on Ukraine, which Russia is blamed for, he said, “If it turns out that Russia attacked Ukraine and such an attack continues, we will take an appropriate response together with our allies.”

The United States, NATO, and Russia discussed ways to ease tensions in Ukraine through a series of talks last week, but only confirmed differences of opinion.

“We are prepared for both situations,” Sullivan said. “If Russia seeks a diplomatic solution, we will of course respond, and if Russia invades, we will take strong measures to cut off their strategic position.”

However, as for the cyber attack on Ukraine, “It is in their script, and there has been precedent for that in the past,” he said, but he did not confirm that Russia was behind it.

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