US shootings every day Recently, a shooting at a convenience store left 3 dead.

a shooting incident in the United States still happens every day The latest incident happened around 3:30am last Tuesday. local time Inside a Circle K convenience store in Yakima, Washington, it resulted in at least three deaths, with two people being shot inside the store and one outside the store before the assailant fled. The attackers also shot at passing cars as they ran across to the other side. and hijacked a car to drive him away The police chased him for hours. Before getting a clue from a good citizen to inform the villain’s hideout Until the criminal decided to shoot himself while under pressure from the police.

Police Commissioner Matt Murray said the perpetrator was 21-year-old Jarid Haddock, who lives in Yakima. By doing such an action, it is likely to be a random shot, not a face pick. without previous conflict with the deceased There were no police reports of injuries from the incident.

The shooting was the latest in a string of deadly gun violence in the United States. This comes after two mass shootings in California yesterday, when a Chinese-American man shot dead seven colleagues and injured another on two farms in Half Moon Bay, California. Before being arrested by the police And earlier on Saturday night, a Vietnamese man opened fire in a dance hall. in Monterey Park, which is also in the state of California This caused 11 deaths and 9 injuries before the gunman killed himself.

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