US State Department suddenly removes ‘violence and harassment’ sub-heading related to exclusion of MBC private jets from the president’s office

State Department Report on Human Rights in Korea Removes ‘Violence and Harassment’ Subheading [국무부 홈페이지 보고서 캡처]

Yesterday, in the ‘National Human Rights Report 2022’, the sub-heading ‘Violence and Harassment’, which the US State Department had attached when talking about the controversial MBC report on President Yoon Seok-yeol’s blasphemy and office measures’ r President to ban MBC from boarding. private plane, suddenly written off. .

The State Department released its annual human rights report the day before, citing more than 30 subheadings on the Korean side.

However, only the subheadings attached to MBC’s controversial report on President Yoon’s slang words, the people’s power accusation of MBC reporters, and the presidential office’s measures to ban MBC’s private plane were deleted in one day.

Earlier, the report wrote, “After MBC released a video of President Yoon criticizing foreign legislative bodies in September last year, President Yoon said that it could endanger national security by undermining the alliance.”

Then, it was said that “members of the people’s power reported MBC reporters to the police for defamation and obstructing business.”

“The presidential office banned MBC reporters from boarding the private plane in November, and eight groups of journalists issued a statement saying, ‘We condemn this decision as a clear challenge to the constitution that guaranteed freedom the press.’”

It is known that the State Department clarified that the subtitle and the technical content did not match and that the phrase was removed.