US tanks at target practice in Ukraine: Bradley crew endangers comrades

For a Ukrainian soldier, gunnery training at home almost ended in death. Apparently his comrades hadn’t been paying attention.

A life-threatening incident recently occurred during a training unit of the Ukrainian armored forces. The crew of a Bradley tank fires at an identical model of their own unit, although a comrade is standing directly in front of it, as shown in a video shared by the operators of the channel @heroiam_slava on X, formerly Twitter.

The undated picture, taken from an unidentified training area, shows a Bradley tank circling another tank while firing multiple shots. The charges from the 25mm cannon narrowly miss the other vehicle at first, before at least one round hits the tank’s turret. Directly in front, near the hatch, is a soldier who must have disembarked just moments before – he has to duck and disappear into the dust of the attacking tank.

It is not known whether the incident was an accident and whether the responsible tank crew was disciplined. Earlier this year, the United States delivered around 50 Bradley tanks to Ukraine for the first time. The vehicles have been standard equipment in the US Army since the 1980s.

“I’ve worked in and with these amazing vehicles myself and it makes me sick to my stomach just looking at this shot. With great power comes great responsibility,” wrote an X user in a comment on the video. In another post, the person added: “Fighting off the Russians is tough enough that you shouldn’t have to worry about getting shot in the face with a 25mm during a break in training.”


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