US think tank “North Korea appears to have launched a satellite from an existing launch site” … contrary to the NIS opinion

A US think tank analyzed that the North Korean reconnaissance satellite launch appears to have taken place at an existing launch site, not a new launch site that has just been built on the coast near the Seohae Satellite Launch Site.

‘Beyond Parallel’, a website specializing in North Korea under the US Center for Strategic and International Studies, analyzed satellite images taken from Dongchang-ri, Cheolsan-gun, North Pyongan Province immediately after North Korea launched a satellite military reconnaissance. the operation of his capture.

According to this site, typical post-launch operations were observed at the current launch site, such as closing the cover and equipment worktable for injecting oxidizer and propellant to rockets, and removing the tower crane that assists in install the space launch vehicle.

The satellite photo was taken at 11:35 am on the 31st of last month, about 5 hours after North Korea fired the missile.

The website also explained, “The Korean National Intelligence Service said this launch was done at a new coastal launch site, but satellite images show post-launch work around the original launch site, strongly suggesting that the satellite launched from here.” .

The National Intelligence Service analyzed yesterday in a report on pending issues by the Intelligence Committee of the National Assembly that the launch of the satellite took place at a new launch site in Dongchang-ri, and that the launch was hasty while the construction work was not apparently duly completed. be the cause of the failure.


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