USDA deadline for reporting Spring Crops-Seeds in North Dakota

FARGO, N.D., July 10, 2019 – The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) is contributing to the deadline for filing top crop reports for agricultural producers in North Dakota that are affected by heavy flooding and humidity. The new deadline applies in July 22 to the reporting of spring-breeding crops to county offices and the top USDA Farm Agency federation insurance agents.

“Heavy rain and flooding has impacted hard on agricultural operations across the state,” said Brad Thykeson, FSA State Director of North Dakota. “The extension of time allows for more flexibility for producers who have experienced planting and delaying fieldwork.” T

It is important to report on a timely report on top acres to retain eligibility for USDA conservation programs, disaster assistance, clean safety, crop insurance and farm lending. A report on crop acreage documents all crops and their intended uses and is an important part of keeping records for your farm or farm.

Producers who file reports with FSA county offices are encouraged to make an appointment before visiting the office. Fitness reports from producers in North Dakota who established appointments before the July 22 deadline are considered timely, even if the appointment takes place after the deadline.

The following exceptions apply to acreage reporting:

• If the crop has not been planted by the reporting date, the acreage must be reported no later than 15 calendar days after the planting has been completed.

• If a producer acquires additional acreage after the above reporting date, the acreage must be reported no later than 30 calendar days after the purchase or acquisition of the lease. Appropriate documentation must be provided to the county office.

“While the deadline has been extended, I recommend that producers contact their local FSA office today to schedule an appointment to report acreage,” said Thykeson.

Other USDA efforts to help producers

USDA is taking further steps to assist producers throughout the country, including: t

• Update the grazing and pasture date for producers who have applied cover crops to a prohibited plant plant;

• Offering special offers through the Environmental Quality Incentive Program to assist plant cover crops; and

• Extend the deadline to prevent plant acres in certain areas.

For more information, visit our Prevent or Delay Plantation webpage.

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