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US’Japan travel ban’ wave evolving… Support for the Tokyo Olympics | Morning & Now

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When the US government announced that travel to Japan was banned, Japan was literally overturned. It was because of concern that dispatching the US squad to the Tokyo Olympics would have an impact, and that if not, the number of countries participating in this could increase. The White House in the United States has something to say about this. Let’s find out by connecting to the press office.

Reporter Lee Jae-seung, where should I focus on the remarks you made? Isn’t it that we are discussing the issue of dispatching the squad?


It is showing such a position that we are discussing as before.

The White House in the United States has said there has been no change in its position in support of the Japanese government in the end with respect to the Tokyo Olympics. Let’s listen to the related information.

[젠 사키/미국 백악관 대변인 : 올림픽에서 우리의 입장은 변하지 않았습니다. 우리는 지난 여름 올림픽 연기 결정을 존중했습니다. 일본 정부와 국제 올림픽위원회가 올여름 도쿄올림픽을 준비하면서 무게를 두고 있는 세부적인 요소들을 잘 알고 있습니다.]

Saki’s remarks are taken to mean that, apart from the US State Department’s recommendation to ban travel to Japan, the Olympics are still debating how to dispatch them in line with public health rules.

However, the situation of Corona 19 in Japan is not getting better.

9 metropolitan local governments, including the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, are considering whether to extend the emergency situation.

In a recent poll by Asahi Shimbun, 83% of respondents said that the Tokyo Olympics should be postponed or cancelled. Voices against the event are also rising in Japan.

■ Iran apologizes for successive blackouts… “Due to increased facilities and Bitcoin mining”

Subsequently, it is news that the Iranian government has apologized to the public for the recent blackout.

The blackout continued intermittently in major cities such as Tehran, the capital city, from the 22nd to the 24th.

Local media reported that merchants complained that traffic lights on roads were turned off due to power outages and households were unable to operate.

Iran’s Ministry of Energy explained that the power outage was caused by an increase in manufacturing facilities and the craze for mining cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, which led to a significant increase in power demand.


Is there anything going on in the US for relations with Palestine?


US Secretary of State Tony Blincoln is on a tour of the Middle East to stabilize the ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinian armed faction Hamas.

It was revealed after a meeting with the head of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, on the west bank of the Jordan River on the 25th local time.

“We are aiming to reopen the consulate in Jerusalem to promote relations with Palestine,” Blincoln said.

However, it did not mention the specific timing of the reopening.

The consulate in Jerusalem used to be a diplomatic channel with the U.S. and Palestine, but its function was reduced when former President Trump moved the Israeli embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in 2018.

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