USSF Special Forces and UDU Naval Intelligence Unit Debut on ‘Steel Forces’ with Unprecedented Provocation

US and UDU Special Forces Debut in ‘Steel Unit 3’

The highly anticipated third season of the entertainment show ‘Steel Unit 3’ will introduce the USSF Special Forces of the United States and the secretive UDU naval intelligence unit. Co-produced by Channel A-ENA, the show is set to premiere on the 19th, promising an extraordinary display of military prowess.

Unprecedented Encounter on the ‘5001’

As seen in the teasers, the line-up for ‘Steel Unit 3’ includes esteemed military units such as the Army Special Operations Command, Army Intelligence Unit (HID), 707th Special Mission Group, Naval Intelligence (UDU), Naval Special Operations Group (UDT), and the renowned United States Special Forces (USSF). The units convened for the first time on the Republic of Korea Maritime Police’s grand ship, ‘5001’, creating an intense atmosphere devoid of verbal communication. The tension was so palpable that even the usually composed MC Kim Hee-cheol likened the experience to watching a horror movie.

Eager Anticipation for UDU and USSF

The appearance of the enigmatic UDU naval intelligence unit left members of other units in awe and excitement. With exclamations of “He’s coming!” and “It’s amazing to see a movie-worthy unit right in front of us,” the anticipation for this clandestine force reached its peak. The US Special Forces, a combination of the Navy Seals and Green Berets, evoked a similar response, leaving every individual in the room astounded. Even the revered MC veteran Kim Seong-joo couldn’t contain his shock, remarking on the far-reaching impact of ‘Steel Unit 3’: “This could turn into a generational clash.”

A Clash of Titans

The presence of the US Special Forces, which shares a lineage with the UDT as its parent organization, left legendary UDT Instructor Kim Kyeong-baek on edge. However, Member Ian of the US Special Forces didn’t mince words, playfully suggesting that the UDT was not a formidable opponent. This unexpected comment momentarily silenced the MCs, generating further suspense. The MCs, Kim Seong-ju, Kim Dong-hyun, and Yoon Doo-jun, engaged in greetings and interviews with the 24 members of the special forces. Meanwhile, UDU members maintained an air of mystery, responding to basic questions by stating, “It’s a security matter.” The curiosity surrounding this unit only grew when ‘Steel New MC’ Yoon Doo-jun dared to ask an additional question, receiving a surprising answer in return.

Tensions Rise

In an unexpected twist, Kaz from the US Special Forces expressed a casual greeting to a UDT member and playfully tapped him on the shoulder, creating a tense atmosphere. The commotion led Kim Hee-cheol to interject, questioning whether a confrontation was about to unfold. However, Ian from the US Special Forces assured everyone that it was all in good fun, claiming that they held the upper hand as teachers of the UDT.

The debut of the UDU Naval Intelligence Unit and the presence of the US Special Forces, along with their provocative encounters, have captured the attention of viewers. The highly anticipated first episode of ‘Steel Unit 3’ will air on Channel A and ENA at 10:30 pm on the 19th (Tuesday).

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The USSF Special Forces of the United States, which made its debut in season 3 of ‘Steel Forces’, highlights a strong presence from the first face-to-face ceremony and holds an unprecedented provocation.

In the entertainment show ‘Steel Unit 3’ co-produced by Channel A-ENA, which will be broadcast for the first time on the 19th, the UDU naval intelligence unit and the US Special Forces, which have u hiding under cover, appears for the first time and makes a spectacular appearance.

As previously revealed through teasers, etc., the teams taking part in ‘Uned Dur 3’ include the winning team of the season, Special Forces (Army Special Operations Command), HID (Intelligence Unit of the Army), 707 (707th Special Mission Group), and UDU (Naval Intelligence) There are a total of 6 units and 24 personnel, including UDT (Naval Special Operations Group), and USSF (United States Special Forces) . They have their first meeting between the units on the ‘5001’, the largest ship of the Republic of Korea Maritime Police that floats in the open sea. Unlike the previous season, each unit does not exchange a single word every time they appear, but instead check them with their eyes, creating a tense atmosphere. MC Kim Hee-cheol, who was watching this in the studio, shuddered and said, “I’d rather feel at home watching a horror movie.”

Meanwhile, when the UDU (Naval Intelligence Unit), a special forces unit shrouded in secrecy, appears, members of other units begin to get excited, saying, “He’s coming,” and “He’s It’s amazing that a unit that has only been featured in movies is right in front of us.” Eventually, some members turned to one UDU member and said, “Wow, there’s a monster. “If you touch that person, you won’t even be able to recover their bones,” he said, sticking out his tongue. Also, when the US Special Forces, a combination of the world’s most elite units, the Navy Seals and Green Berets, appear, each member experiences a ‘pupil earthquake’. Even ‘MC veteran’ Kim Seong-joo can’t hide his surprise at the world view of ‘Steel Unit 3’ that has expanded to ‘global’, saying, “This could turn into a war between generations.”

On the surprise appearance of US Special Forces, Legendary UDT Instructor Kim Kyeong-baek is nervous, saying, “This is a unit we know very well because the US Navy SEALs are our parent organization.” On the other hand, Ian, a member of the US Special Forces, looked at the UDT and said, “I trained with (the UDT), but a lot of them were weak and scared. He teases the MC by saying, “He’s not a threatening opponent at all,” causing silence in the MC’s corps.

After a while, MCs Kim Seong-ju, Kim Dong-hyun, and Yoon Doo-jun, who were directly assigned to the ceremony, exchanged greetings with the 24 members of the special forces and then conducted an interview. Meanwhile, the mysterious UDU are asked basic questions, such as their rank and duties, and they suddenly reply, “It’s a security matter,” confusing everyone. However, ‘Steel New MC’ Yoon Doo-jun boldly asks an additional question, and one member gives an answer, raising curiosity.

On the other hand, Kaz, a member of the US Special Forces, casually greets the UDT member and then taps the UDT member on the shoulder, turning the scene into thin ice. In response to Kaz’s unexpected behavior, Kim Hee-cheol said, “Wait a minute! Is this not going to work? “It wasn’t a fight, I think you see it as a problem, right?” he said with great excitement. Even US Special Forces member Ian takes aim at Season 1 winner UDT, saying, “We’re always teachers (UDT) and we always have the upper hand.”

While the debut of UDU Naval Intelligence Unit and US Special Forces and the unprecedented provocation is attracting extreme attention, the first episode of Korea’s best military survival ‘Steel Unit 3’ airs on Channel A and ENA at 10:30 pm on the 19th (Tuesday) You can check it.

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