“Uttama” does not like “Big Pom” sent to support the baht. Suggests setting up working group to deal with “weak baht”

“Prawit” has not impressed “Uttama” to support the baht, stating that although the Bank of Thailand is independent, but should work in harmony especially in times of crisis Advising to establish a joint working group “Treasury , Bank of Thailand, SEC, Council of Ministers” to deal with “weak baht”

Today (September 22) in the Future Thai Party, the leader of the party Uttama Savanayana said during a press conference. “Allocation of the issue of high electricity bills, high gas prices, which hurts the people” to the problem of the weakening baht at the moment that the issue of the baht, which is the duty of the Bank of Thailand (BOT), but because they are all intertwined So , care must be taken to adhere to all relevant sections. The government must formulate policies for relevant institutions, including the BOT, which, despite their duties and independence, must work in harmony with each other. especially in a crisis like this

Mr. Uttama, as the former Minister of Finance, additional interviews about the case of Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister. Acting on behalf of the Prime Minister Please note that all agencies are concerned about the baht and see that the appropriate rate should be 35 baht per US dollar according to the exchange rate supervision Matter from the Bank of Thailand directly which must go to see what rate is appropriate. and see how strong the Thai economy is because of the exchange rate not in our designated But it depends on the two investors. and abroad How many baht do you want? The key issue is how the government will manage it.

The reporter asked if Gen Prawit’s speech was considered a guideline for the Bank of Thailand.

Mr Uttama said that everyone has their duty, even though the BOT is part of the government mechanism. but not an independent state Discussions must be held with the relevant agencies without interference Before this, he was prepared to propose a working group to discuss policy. between the Ministry of Finance, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the National Economic and Social Development Council (NESDB) and the Bank of Thailand as other countries did. And it is still time to establish such a committee to help solve the problem.

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