Uttama reiterates the Future Thai Party, aiming to solve the economy does not escalate conflict

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21 Jan 2022 16:14

“Uttama” confirms the Thai Future Creation Party embark on a new political Hear everyone’s voices ready to put into practice Focusing on solving economic problems at the mouth of the people most urgently, reiterating that they are not part of the conflict

At 11:00 a.m. on January 21, 2022 Uttama Savanayana, the leader of the Future Thai Party (Oct.) posted a message via Facebook fan page, stating that after the launch of the Thai Future Party Went on 19 Jan. In the past, many people came to congratulate them backwards. Thank you all very much. And some have asked about the party’s co-founders. with wonder why these people agree to form a political party Because many people as far as I know have never shown interest in political work before. Personally explained that it is true that many people have never been interested in politics before. But they follow the situation of the country as a Thai person while doing their own duty. Whether it’s academics, business people, social networking groups or others, but one day we have the opportunity to meet and talk. until he crystallized that he would not be able to let the country fall into the current situation Consequently, there was a consensus to come together to work for the country together.

Mr. Uttama added that Politics we will do must be new politics That new does not mean that it has never happened in Thailand before. but the politics that may have been thought efforts have been made but failed or did not occur in a concrete way for whatever reason Working in our city is to listen to everyone’s voices. and then scrutinize together what is best for the people. For the country, it is the source of diverse co-founders from all walks of life. whether a politician Former government official, academician, private businessman Civil society, farmers, etc. are all recognized in their field of occupation.

However, if we want the future of the country to move forward Politics must also move forward. Must listen to opinions from all sectors and put them into practice. and would like to say more We also have many co-founders. even starting to work with us and show intent But I haven’t asked to launch today because I still have some missions until the right time.

Today we have started working intensely. both brainstorming Go ahead and listen to the voices of people in all sectors. by different areas to be incorporated into the policy It is a strategy to build the future of Thailand. The way of political work I think that today we have to let go of the pattern we see because the Future Thai Party has a clear stance that it will not be a part of or add to the existing conflict. What we focus on is Accelerate the creation of a strategy to get the country out of trouble especially the economic problems in the mouth of the people It’s the most urgent matter at this time. From now on, the Future Thai Party will be working at full strength.”

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