V Beyond submits filing to sell 230 million IPO shares to SET

Mr Woradet Rukkhaphan, CEO of V Beyond Development Public Company Limited (VBEYOND), revealed that the company has filed a registration statement for the sale of securities and a draft prospectus (Filing) to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) SEC. for an initial public offering of ordinary shares. The total number of IPO shares offered to investors this time is 230 million shares, or 27.71% of the total number of shares. The par value (par) is 0.50 baht and it is expected to be listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) with Pie Advisory Co., Ltd. as a financial adviser.

The funding will be used to support VBEYOND’s growth, increase credibility and improve competitiveness. The company The aim is to use the proceeds from the fundraising as working capital for business expansion. Using new technology developments for online services. and operating system etc.

V Beyond Development Public Co., Ltd. acts as an agent and broker in real estate trading The company provides services to real estate customers. and customers involved in a full range of services (One Stop Service), covering upstream to downstream services of the real estate business, such as real estate brokerage services. procurement of interior and exterior design contractors building houses or multi-storey and multi-storey projects, etc. The company also provides real estate rental services to those who are interested. Including the recognition of new business revenue, including innovative second-hand houses with the concept of “Smart Home” with energy saving and environmentally friendly innovations. at a price that everyone can access

The company has a vision to strive to meet the needs and reach consumer behavior in the modern real estate business and various services. by changing from difficult to easy And has a goal to grow into a Property Technology Company (Prop Tech), a model that brings together a variety of real estate products in one platform that meets all real estate needs, including buying, selling, renting, repairing, building, decorating and investing, along with delivering products and services that meet consumer needs with an intelligent identity search system to extend the business to grow

Mr. Sumritchai Tangharat, Managing Director of Pie Advisory Co., Ltd., as a financial advisor, said that the company’s overall performance VBEYOND over the past 3 years (year 2020-22) has a total revenue of 85.13 million baht, 285.42 million baht and 223.61 million baht respectively and in the 1/23 quarter, the company had a total income of 104.46 million baht.

With a net profit of 8.00 million baht, 38.50 million baht and 82.96 million baht, representing a net profit ratio of 9.40%, 13.49% and 37.10% respectively, over the past 3 years, the company’s net profit has increased . As a result of the growth of the brokerage business together with cost control that provides higher profitability efficiency and in the 1st quarter of 2023, the company had a net profit of 26.42 million baht, a net profit margin of 20.29%, which increased from the same period the last year by 6.13 million baht or an increase of 30.21% As a result of the growth of brokerage group income. and income from the sale of real estate


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