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V4 1st anniversary birthday party held on the screen with 150 users untouched

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▲ Major achievements and issues of the 1st anniversary of V4 (Photo courtesy of Nexon)

One of the characteristics of V4 is that it is on a long run with its own IP that does not depend on the existing popular IP, keeping the top in sales. As of November 7th, V4 ranked 8th in Google Play sales, and has maintained its TOP10 since its launch. Net Games Director Lee Seon-ho, who created the game, also emphasized, “I have a lot of expectations recently, but I think V4 has the charm of V4.”

This V4 adds personality with a new class that was released to commemorate the first anniversary of its release. The identity was revealed through the 1st anniversary conference held at Kintex on the 7th. The class that appears this time is a lancer that uses a spear as its main weapon. It featured a quick attack using a spear, and is expected to appear in V4 on the 10th.

▲ V4 new class’Lancer’ play video (Video provided by Nexon)

One of the characteristics of V4 combat is that when certain conditions are satisfied, the combat style changes. This was reflected in the new class Lancer. If certain conditions are satisfied, you can inflict great damage to the opponent with a heavy single shot using a sickle, and if you actively use the dash skill, you can taste the cool taste.

Along with this, a new battlefield, Miton Grassland, is added. Miton Grassland is a hunting ground for users who have achieved more than 1.2 million combat power, and based on their geographic characteristics, it is shaped like a natural fortress. The boss guarding this place is Belieta, who requires over 1.6 million combat power. It looks like a plant nymph, and uses several forked plant stems to perform powerful attacks.

▲ New area Miton Grassland (top) and new boss Velieta (bottom) (Photo provided by Nexon)

Existing classes also get stronger. First of all, a legendary skill will be added to widen the range of skill choices, and skill polishing will be introduced that can further increase the skill attack power achieved at level 20. In addition, in 2021, a class change is added to increase accessibility to new classes, and a former class that can raise the existing class to the next level is added. If you include Lancer, there are a total of 10 V4 classes, and you can choose the character you want based on the class change.

Net Games, PD Myeon-seok Son, who developed V4, said, “It was an honor to be able to be with V4 bosses for the past year. We will do our best to prepare more enjoyable contents in the future so that we can be with them for a long time.”

▲ PD Son Myeon-suk, who is announcing the 1st anniversary update (Photo: Game Mecca)

Invasion of Silunas opens up to the center of another server

Another feature of V4 is the interserver, where different server users gather and clash in one place. And in 2021, the battlefield against which the servers collide will be wider. First of all, on the 10th, the’Grand Land Contest’, in which all server guilds clash over the manor, enters the regular season. It competes against 65 provinces in the southern region of Polarion, and is eligible to participate in the top three guilds that paid the highest amount in the bidding held every Friday.

▲ From the 10th, the regular season of the battle for territory begins (photo provided by Nexon)

The guild that succeeds in bidding competes with the guild that has the province, and the team with the highest capture points wins at the end of the territorial battle. The victorious guild is given Elton weapons, Elton, secondary weapons, Elton armor, and soulstone expansion slot tickets, depending on the size of the province secured. In addition, all users of the server to which the Victory Guild belongs can receive a buff by touching the statue of the guild leader placed in the big city.

Battlefield expansion does not end here. In 2021, World Lunatra will be held, in which the strongest players in all server battles will be clashed, and the invasion of Silunas, which completely breaks the boundaries between servers, will also come to an end. In particular, the invasion of Silunas was introduced as a new camp content that can advance to the center of another server for the first time in a mobile game.

▲ Invasion of Silunas begins in 2021 (Photo courtesy of Nexon)

150 online users summoned offline

As mentioned earlier, this V4 1st anniversary conference was held at Kintex, an offline exhibition hall. However, to prevent the spread of Corona 19, general visitors could not visit the site, and watched the site through broadcast. Although it is online, the broadcast method that makes use of the feeling that many users are gathered together in the field attracted attention.

▲ The participant’s screen was displayed on the big screen and live broadcast was held (Photo: Game Mecca)
▲ Real-time Q&A with users was also conducted (Photo: Game Mecca)

Using video conferencing, the screen of 150 pre-selected participants was displayed on a large screen installed at the site, creating an atmosphere as if they were summoned online or offline. Non-face-to-face has become commonplace, and many online meetings have been held. However, it is the first time in the domestic game industry that the online participant screen is displayed on the offline site, the participant’s participation is relayed in real time, and the event is held by talking with the participant through voice chat.

Real-time game events were also held. First of all, each server user gathered in the Tolan Basin defeated the boss, King Pengrexandro, who wore the golden crown for the 1st anniversary. In addition, V4 Shopping, which introduces V4 1st anniversary reward items like TV home shopping, and LAN line voting, which gave the first place item through user vote, were conducted. Finally, Singer Seon-mi performed a congratulatory performance on the spot.


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